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John T. Edwards Foundation
Seeing the Forest and the Trees.

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John T. Edwards

The John T. Edwards Foundation is a nonprofit organization that illuminates the legacy of a family systems theorist, teacher, and mentor, who trained generations of clinicians in the art of working with families.


“I lead because I follow" was the deceptively-simple, elegantly-perceptive philosophical foundation of John Edward's approach to family therapy, as he made the complexity of collective human behavior accessible to professionals in diverse areas of service.


The John T. Edwards Foundation sustains the life work of the "Southern Gentleman of family therapy" through the preservation of his collections and manuscripts, distribution of his written and recorded work, and training and consultation of his approach to working with families.


We invite you to join us as we preserve and advance the contributions of an enlightened soul who, with a wry grin, empowered students and colleagues to follow him into the crucible of family dynamics. 

Trainings and Resources

The foundation offers a variety of opportunities to help disseminate John’s work, including online and in-person training, consultation, supervision, resource material, and community events. Please review the options offered below and feel free to contact the foundation with any questions or requests. 


John T. Edwards Foundation
Mission and Purpose


The John T. Edwards Foundation is an organized Nonprofit, and its purposes are educational, charitable, and scientific. More specifically, the foundation is committed to educational activities that promote training and supervision in systems approaches of family therapy, more specifically of an Edwardian systems approach developed by our late colleague, John T. Edwards.

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